The Mangle Street Murders by MRC Kasasian

Mangle Street Murders Kasasian
The Mangle Street Murders

When March Middleton goes to live with her guardian, the ‘personal’ detective Sidney Grice, she is faced with two problems: firstly, how is she ever going to live in the same house with a man so annoying, so irritatingly contrary and so stuffed with self-importance that she can barely get a word in edgeways? More significantly though, how is she to persuade the detective to take on the case of a young wife who has seemingly been stabbed to death by her quiet and unassuming husband?

This is a wonderfully grimy detective story in the tradition of Holmes and Watson, though with more grime, a sprinkling of sexist policemen and a distinct lack of meat at meal times. M. R. C. Kasasian paints a vivid portrait of Victorian London, complete with beggars, blind match-sellers and wig-wearing Italians. The writing style was at times a little disconcerting – seeming to jump about a bit, but that’s probably just me, and in any case, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will definitely be reading more by this talented author.

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