Resolutions and Other Irritations








As my mate John Lennon used to say (when we were in The Beatles together), “Another year over – a new one just begun”.

So as the New Year approaches, I’ll be making a few resolutions. Or not, as the case may be. In fact, what I’ll actually be doing is making a list of those things I can accomplish, rather than a catalogue of ridiculous dreams and fantasies that ain’t ever going to happen.

During 2016, therefore, I’m aiming to work towards the under-mentioned Achievable Tasks:

Write More
Easily achievable, since I already write every day and am more than capable of hitting 5,000 words per day should I so wish.

Stand More
Having taken on the ‘standing desk’ routine at home (which you can read about in a previous post), I’ll be realizing a similar set-up at work, allowing me to burn more calories, put less strain on my back, and no doubt feel more energized and creative generally.

Drink Less Coffee

Eat Less Red Meat
Again, easily achievable, since I’m pretty much doing that anyway (although Christmas obviously had an over-indulgence impact that will no doubt take a few days/weeks/months to wear off).

Hit More Deadlines
Last year was a bit hitty-missy with the old deadlines, so I’ll have to be more circumspect in order to avoid having to move things around. It’s part of knowing what I’m capable of, and what I’m not. By creating realistic deadlines, this should be a relatively painless process.

Get the Word Out
Okay, so I have been a bit lax in promoting/marketing my scribblings, so this is a major task that’ll necessitate a bit of thought.

There’s a few areas I’d like to get into that’ll likely take up a big chunk of time – pod-casts and video are the way forward and I don’t want to get left behind. Keeping up with technological changes, fads and fashions isn’t always easy, but as we indie authors know, you can’t simply do things the way you’ve always done it and expect the world to respond. As David Bowie used to say: “Everything ch-ch-ch-changes.”

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