Sharing a Box of Frogs

Box of Blogs Frogs

If I had a virtual box of blogs, it’d definitely be worth sharing, unlike a box of frogs which I imagine might fare better in the garden down by the pond.

In recent weeks, several fellow bloggers have generously shared one or other of my blogs/websites, prompting new comments and more followers (which is nice).

Having been ultra busy with my various scribblings, I’ve not had much time for promoting the work of others. So I thought I’d share a few of the blogs I follow and particularly like, as well as sharing a portion of the talent, knowledge and humour that’s out there in the blogosphere.

Here, in no particular order, is my current Top Ten:

David at

Beth at

Tara at

Em at

Steph at

Samantha at

Sacha at

Joanna at

Maggie at

Bill at

I notice there’s not many guys in this list, so come on chaps, don’t let the side down! Anyway, that’s all for now – enjoy.

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