‘No Good Deed’ by MP McDonald

No Good Deed
No Good Deed: A Psychological Thriller

When photographer Mark Taylor finds a camera that takes unusual photos, he realises he can stop bad things happening – but there’s one disaster he’s unable to change: 9/11. Taken into custody, Taylor is not charged with any crime and doesn’t get the chance to have his day in court. But his captors want the truth and they don’t seem to care how they get it. With no-one on his side, Mark Taylor’s future looks bleak.

MP McDonald tells a good story – she had me gripped from the first page with an attention-grabbing plot that kept me reading. Her main character is well drawn and realistic, as are the ‘bad guys’, and the torment he goes through is all too believable. There were one or two typos and a couple of things that felt a bit clumsy, but on the whole, I enjoyed the story very much – it left me feeling that for a piece of fiction, it was also scarily real.

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  2 comments for “‘No Good Deed’ by MP McDonald

  1. 30/07/2016 at 8:04 PM

    Loved the review! I ran over and grabbed the book! Thank you for the review!

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