‘Run Girl’ by Eva Hudson

Run Girl
Run Girl

FBI agent Ingrid Skyberg is in London for a conference, but when a young American woman goes missing in the City, Ingrid is recruited to help find her.

The cover and the title drew me to this one and as I didn’t lose interest on the first page (which is always a positive sign), I’m happy to say I continued reading and finished the book without feeling I’d been duped. Though nothing very much happens in terms of action or excitement, I thoroughly enjoyed this novella and the banter between the main characters. As a prequel, it sets up Skyberg for her later adventures. However, though I liked the characters and warmed to the less-than-thrilling storyline, I did get a sense that she’s a bit of a clutz, so I can’t help wonder how she’ll manage when they put her in situations that are actually dangerous.

I’m not really sure about my rating, but I definitely want to read the next one (Fresh Doubt) before making my mind up completely.

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