‘Wildflower Bay’ by Rachael Lucas

Wildflower Bay
Wildflower Bay

Hair stylist Isla’s dream job in an exclusive Edinburgh salon takes a nosedive when she drops a clanger while colouring a customer’s hair. Given two months ‘gardening leave’ by her boss, she suddenly finds herself without a job and without a future. With few friends and not much to look forward to, a new opportunity opens up when her hairdressing aunt Jessie needs someone to take over a remote island shop.

But it isn’t quite the opportunity Isla was hoping for, and spending eight weeks in a Seventies-style salon is the last thing she needs. On top of that, the forthcoming school reunion and a vague plan of proving to former classmates that she isn’t a total failure, seems destined to crash and burn. Meanwhile, thirty-five year old islander Finn is facing a crisis of his own. With his best friends about to have a baby, everything seems to be changing. Then in walks Isla.

It’s fair to say this isn’t my usual sort of book choice and to be honest I can’t quite remember how it ended up on my Kindle, however, I was pleasantly surprised. Rachael Lucas is a very competent writer with a knack of drawing the reader in. Her characters are lively and interesting and their development is well thought-out and realistic. My only criticism (and it’s a small one), is that it felt a wee bit too long, but maybe that’s just me.

A thoughtful and upbeat story set in a beautiful location.
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