‘Who Killed Vivien Morse?’ by Diana J Febry

Who Killed Vivien Morse (DCI Hatherall Book 4)

When young social worker Vivien Morse is found battered to death in Silver Lady Woods, suspicion immediately falls on her estranged husband. However, when Vivien’s supervisor also disappears, the case begins to get a little complicated. Police follow the trail to Vivien’s last client – a disturbed girl who carries a bundle of rags around with her, believing it to be her lost baby.

This is the fourth book featuring DCI Hatherall (a detective with the obligatory difficult home life). As I haven’t read the others, I thought that might be a problem but the novel works very well as a stand-alone mystery. There are plenty of clues, but the murder trail seems to lead everywhere but the truth. Throw in some strange characters (like Dick the Druid) and the abusive husband (who, naturally, has an alibi), and you’ve got a nice mix of suspects. And then there’s the escaped prisoner…

This is a well thought out story with plenty of twists that somehow manages to pull all the loose ends together just in time for the end.

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