‘The Seven Year Dress’ by Paulette Mahurin

The Seven Year Dress: A Novel
In the darkest era of human history Hitler’s plan to rid the world of Jews and ‘undesirables’ led to the slaughter of millions of innocent people. Paulette Mahurin tells the story of one woman who lived through it. Helen Stein sees her family torn apart and finds herself thrown into the hell that is Auschwitz. Here she endures shocking indignities at the hands of the SS, but also encounters compassion, kindness and friendship.

This is an ambitious novel telling the fictional story of a woman who survives Auschwitz. Mahurin’s protagonist is a complex character whose resilience and compassion shines through in this thoughtful and intelligent tale. While the writing style is at times a little long-winded, and the graphic detail described by the author won’t be to everyone’s taste, this well-researched book should have wide appeal.

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