‘Mr. Magic: A Brinker Novel’ by Jeff Widmer

Mr. Magic: A Brinker Novel

PR genius Brinker has a problem – he’s been told to get rid of the competition. No worries – he’s got tons of ideas on how to do it, and if he hasn’t, something’s bound to turn up. And let’s not forget his old pal Buddha who’ll be helping things along, as well as dishing out sage advice. But Brinker’s usual abilities aren’t cutting the advertising mustard and the cops aren’t slow in getting on his case. As if that wasn’t enough, his ex is pushing him to give up the booze and everything that goes with it. Pretty soon, Brinker starts to hear a pocketful of pills calling out to him.

This is the second ‘Brinker’ novel (the first being ‘Mr. Mayhem’), and there’s a lot to like about it. Jeff Widmer’s dialogue is sharp and witty, with more than a touch of the Raymond Chandler about it. At times, it’s hilarious and I found myself in several fits of giggles. However, the plot is occasionally a little confusing and while I loved the characters (particularly Buddha) and the banter between him and Brinker, the storyline and the many business dealings left me a tad lost.

Nevertheless, Mr Magic is an entertaining read and I’ll be keeping a close on Mr Widmer’s future output.

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