‘The Magician’s Dream’ by LeAnn Mathis

The Magician’s Dream

When Franklin goes to sleep each night, he dreams of a different world – a world where people are equal and where everyone respects each other. Unfortunately, living in the Sixties, life isn’t like that for a young black guy and all he can do is hope things will get better. However, when the girl from his dreams appears in the real world, Franklin wonders if she’s having the same dreams…

This is a delightful fantasy story set in two different worlds, where the heroes learn about acceptance and honesty, as well as the truth about their own relationships. The plot moves along at a fair pace, ensuring I was never bored. LeAnn Mathis has a nice way with words, creating an appealing tale with a thoughtful and clever take on racism. At around a hundred pages, it’s an easy read and the underlying message doesn’t get in the way of the story.

An exciting tale that hits the mark.

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