‘A Voice Beyond Reason’ by Matthew Félix

A Voice Beyond Reason

When a young Spaniard is thrown out of his normal, everyday existence by a family tragedy, it forces him to take a good look at life and his own future. From knowing exactly what is expected of him to suddenly having no idea how to move forward, Pablo finds help in the friendship of a mysterious stranger.

It’s not often I read books that don’t have some sort of quest, or escapade at their heart, but in this case, although there is a quest of a sort, it is more of a cerebral one, focusing on finding out who you are and what life is about. The writing is, at times, quite beautiful, with descriptions of the Spanish scenery that bring the story to life in a gentle, thoughtful way. As the young hero struggles to pursue what he believes are his dreams, he finds ideas and inspirations within himself that challenge his whole way of life.

If you’re looking for action and adventure, forget it, but this book might leave you with a lot more to think about than finding the buried treasure.

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