Month: June 2017

‘The Enemy Within’ by Scott Burn

The Enemy Within Teenage outsider Max can’t deal with the chaos going on inside his own head, but after a failed suicide attempt he finds himself in an institution. Realising his ‘visions’ aren’t necessarily signs of insanity, he learns he’s not the only one who can see them. When three young people with similar abilities…

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‘Now and Then in Tuscany’ by Angela Petch

Now and Then in Tuscany: Italian Journeys A sequel to the author’s first novel, ‘Tuscan Roots’, this volume follows the journey of Giuseppe Starnucci, in the early part of the last century, as he exchanges an unhappy life at a seminary for one travelling with shepherds, herding sheep to new grazing lands near the Tuscan…

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‘The Man Who Hunted Himself’ by Lex Lander

The Man Who Hunted Himself Former Secret Service operative, André Warner, faces a challenge of a different kind when he’s offered a contract by an American racketeer. Trouble is, the job is to kill the assassin who knocked-off the gangster’s own brother. While Andre might have few qualms about taking out a fellow hitman, the…

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