‘The Enemy Within’ by Scott Burn

The Enemy Within

Teenage outsider Max can’t deal with the chaos going on inside his own head, but after a failed suicide attempt he finds himself in an institution. Realising his ‘visions’ aren’t necessarily signs of insanity, he learns he’s not the only one who can see them. When three young people with similar abilities help him break out, he finds himself on the run from the military. As Max gets to grips with his new powers, he is faced with questions he can’t answer – like who he really is, and what does he have that poses a threat to the Government?

While it seems to be aimed at YA sci-fi fans, this is a novel that would appeal to anyone with a taste for realistic and well-thought-out fiction with a speculative bent. The writing has a light and fresh touch to it, making it an easy and quick read. From the beginning, we’re not really sure what’s going on, but Scott Burn’s character’s are interesting and well rounded, drawing us into the story. The plot, though not exactly complicated, might easily have ended up tying itself in knots, but the author weaves the pieces together perfectly, giving us a denouement that leaves a pleasantly curious feeling in its readers.

A clever and thoughtful novel that promises great things for the future.

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  2 comments for “‘The Enemy Within’ by Scott Burn

  1. 18/06/2017 at 4:47 PM

    A very interesting review, Colin. I read a review of this same book on another blog and it sounds most intriguing.


    • 18/06/2017 at 5:08 PM

      Yes, it was very different to a lot of sci-fi novels I’ve read, and quite refreshing.

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