Month: August 2017

‘Around the World in 80 Tales’ by Dave Tomlinson

Around the World in 80 Tales Traveller Dave Tomlinson recreates his adventures exploring popular tourist trails as well as remote destinations. His travels take in a variety of cities and countries, from Indonesia and Australia, to Portugal and Ecuador, charting the highs and lows of his adventures in culture, food and fun. Peppered with photographs…

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‘She Receives the Night’ by Robert Earle

She Receives the Night Short story collections are often used to display a writer’s range of skills – whether in dialogue and description, or in their ability to handle a variety of different writing styles and genres. On the other hand, such collections can equally present a handful of the crap at the bottom of…

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The Furies’ Bog by Deborah Jackson

The Furies’ Bog (The Silent Gene Book 1) Unearthing bog bodies is not an experience archaeology student Felicity enjoys, but lacking fieldwork practice, she has no choice. Then, when she discovers a corpse that could change the theory of human evolution, things start to get dangerous. Meanwhile on Mars, astronaut Lucas has plenty to occupy…

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