‘Girl Ghosted: A Penny Wade Mystery’ by Lucy English

Girl Ghosted: A Penny Wade Mystery

Social worker Penny Wade throws herself into the world of online dating in a bid to forget the past. But a killer is on the hunt, scanning dating profiles to choose his targets. Can Penny identify the bad guy before she becomes ‘ghosted’ for good?

This is an easy and enjoyable read with well-drawn and likeable characters, whose day-to-day lives have a comfortable familiarity about them. Heroine Penny Wade’s up-and-down love life is entertaining and will no doubt be familiar to readers who aren’t quite as ancient as this reviewer. My only criticism (and it’s a small one), is that the ‘mystery’ part of the tale does take a while to get going and though it’s nicely done with a satisfying conclusion, I think it might have worked better if the ‘hook’ had come a little sooner in the story.

Lucy English has created an interesting character who will no doubt get herself into more trouble in the next episode of this mystery series.

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  1 comment for “‘Girl Ghosted: A Penny Wade Mystery’ by Lucy English

  1. 08/10/2017 at 2:44 PM

    A popular choice of topic for the subject of a thriller book, Colin. Nice review.


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