Month: November 2017

‘Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century’ by Peter Graham

Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century In 1954 two teenage friends, Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker, took a walk in a New Zealand park with Pauline’s mother, Honora. Half an hour later, the mother lay dead. The girls claimed there had been a terrible accident, but the crime scene and subsequent investigation revealed…

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‘Confronting the Hostile’ (Audiobook) by Joy Mutter

Confronting the Hostile – Audiobook (Audiobook) Following the multi-storey carpark scene in the previous book (where Serena and her pal take a flying walk to freedom), retired cop John and DCI Damon become the unexpected ‘keepers’ of Joe and Tile X. The demonic bathroom tiles stick to their usual routine and are soon making hideous…

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‘For Weeds Will Grow’ by David Six

For Weeds Will Grow After thirteen-year-old Danny Noble and his best pal find a body in a storm culvert, some pretty weird stuff starts to happen in the young lad’s life. Maybe seeing a corpse has messed with his head, but Danny knows normal kids don’t see things that aren’t there, and the stuff he’s…

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