‘For Weeds Will Grow’ by David Six

For Weeds Will Grow

After thirteen-year-old Danny Noble and his best pal find a body in a storm culvert, some pretty weird stuff starts to happen in the young lad’s life. Maybe seeing a corpse has messed with his head, but Danny knows normal kids don’t see things that aren’t there, and the stuff he’s seeing definitely ain’t normal. As he struggles to make sense of the visions, he discovers there’s more to his own family history than he’d thought, but some of it might help explain what’s going on in his head. And then there’s the gray people…

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I can say with certainty that it won’t be the last. With elements of horror, suspense, fantasy and a bit of romance, there’s something here for everyone – provided you don’t scare too easily. David Six has a gift for dialogue and characterisation that isn’t too common in the world of indie authors and his storytelling skills reminded me a lot of Stephen King, which can’t be bad. I loved all the cultural references too, and way he moved things along over several years without losing my interest. Though he didn’t scare me in the same way Mr King does, this author has an imagination that promises to get you hiding under the bedsheets and peering into dark corners.

The gray people are coming…

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