‘Last Word’ by Mark Lane

Last Word

Mark Lane’s final book on the JFK assassination explores the role of the CIA in the murder, gathering together fifty years of research, court appearances, witness statements and testimonies. Anyone who still thinks Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman, should read this book now.

To be fair, Lane is repeating himself a bit this time around. A great deal of what he covers has already been said in his previous books, particularly ‘Rush to Judgement’, his first, and perhaps, most devastating expose of the Warren Commission’s kack-handed management of the inquiry. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of new information here, most of which blows the CIA, FBI and a lot of other folk out of the water. After reading this volume, I watched the documentary version of ‘Rush to Judgement’ (available on YouTube), which even now is chilling in the sheer weight of unheeded evidence.

While I was never one of those who believed Oswald was solely responsible, even fifty-odd years on, the CIA’s role in the assassination (and a whole load of other murders), is pretty damn scary.

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