‘The Song of Geneva Chance’ by Keith Dixon

The Song of Geneva Chance

Private detective Paul Storey tackles what seems to be a straightforward theft – two guitars stolen from the home of a once-famous pop group. But he soon discovers there are much more complex reasons for the burglary, ones that include a bunch of dodgy Albanians, an obsessive fan and at least one grisly murder, not to mention the tantalising vocalist known as Geneva Chance.

This is the third of Keith Dixon’s Paul Storey thrillers and as expected, it’s every bit as good as the first two. Having said that, it seemed to take a while to get started, with a series of apparently unconnected activities and a plot that didn’t look like it had much going for it. Thankfully it was just another one of Mr Dixon’s clever tactics to take his readers by surprise – slow start, random stuff happening and then – boom!

What I especially like about this series is that the author avoids sliding into any kind of pattern – instead he goes off in a load of different directions that bear little resemblance to whatever he’s done before, leaving the reader thinking ‘what’s going on?’ But there’s nothing to worry about – just the usual Dixon magic.

A cracking good read from a cracking good author.

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