‘A Husband’s Will of Fortune’ by Brigitta Moon

A Husband’s Will of Fortune

A rich husband. A young and bored wife. A will that could change everything.

It has never occurred to Emmaline to kill her husband, but a lunch date with her best friend, sets murderous wheels in motion, plunging the young woman into a complex web of sex, deceit and danger.

This is the third book in Birgitta Moon’s ‘Marston’ series and being of a romantic nature isn’t the sort of thing I usually read. To begin with, our money-grabbing heroine Emmaline meets wealthy surgeon Richard, but after only a year together she’s wishing she was rid of him and languishing in his lovely lolly instead. Looking for excitement, she signs up for a dating site and meets hunky Rock who she hopes will fulfil her bedtime desires as well as perhaps helping out with knocking off her husband.

The plot seemed a little convoluted at first with a host of characters intruding on the heroine’s murderous schemes, but after a while I found it drew me in and I had to find out what happened. Though Emmaline didn’t appeal to me initially, when she begins to understand what is important to her, I was rooting for her to get a grip on her life and relationships. Ms Moon pulls all the plotlines together in a crafty and surprising way, and though the ending was unexpected, it fitted perfectly with the storyline.

A surprisingly interesting read that’ll appeal to fans of romantic-suspense.

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  3 comments for “‘A Husband’s Will of Fortune’ by Brigitta Moon

  1. 22/07/2018 at 2:59 PM

    Thanks for this review, Colin. Romantic suspense is something I could read.


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