‘Tears of Fire’ by Gordon Bickerstaff

Tears of Fire

Two blood-thirsty sisters prepare to take revenge on the people who killed their parents. A private nursing home gets rid of people whose relatives don’t want them around any more. And former SAS soldier Zoe is about to face the ultimate penalty for killing members of the Silsden family.

So begins the sixth book featuring specialist investigators Gavin and Zoe – though I reckon it’d work just as well as a stand-alone thriller. This time the pair are faced with a seemingly unbeatable enemy who could easily turn everything to crap for all concerned. When Gavin’s family are targeted, he finds himself in an impossible position that only Zoe can rescue him from – but with half the Army on her heels, Zoe has problems of her own. Can the intrepid duo catch the bad guys and save the world? Let’s hope so.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Gordon Bickerstaff turns out to be a former SAS officer, or a Bond-style Government spy – his highly-detailed books are packed with what must be the product of an incredible imagination or taken from real life experience. This is the third book of his that I’ve read and I have to say he’s done a cracking job this time. I was hooked from the first page by his excellent plotting and amazingly intricate background detail. The threats explored in the story are scarily realistic, making ‘Tears of Fire’ pretty much unputdownable (and I don’t say that very often).

A fast and furious ride with a wonderfully explosive ending.

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