‘Arcadia Falls’ by Ken Stark

Arcadia Falls

A boy disappears without trace. Then someone else. But the reaction in the community of Arcadia Falls is odd, because no-one seems to notice. No-one except Tyler John, and even he might not bat an eyelid if it weren’t for the night he wanders into the Old Town. Can Tyler persuade his friends to help him track down whatever it is that’s stalking Arcadia Falls and dragging people off into the shadows? And can he do it before it’s too late?

Written for teens and young adults, this a horror novel of the Stephen King variety – one that gives us fully rounded characters along with a fully rounded monster. Ken Stark has a knack for churning out scary stuff and a way of writing for young people that eludes many authors. His central character is totally believable in what he says and does, which is always a good start. Though Mr Stark uses too many exclamation marks for my liking, his imagination is clearly well-versed in what makes us shy away from dark corners and shadows in the night, and that can’t be bad. He’s also very funny, which is nice to find in a horror writer.

A well-written and suitable scary book that will delight all horror fans.

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