‘The Trouble with Liam’ by Joy Mutter

The Trouble with Liam

Dark and twisted tale charting the troubled life of Liam O’Sullivan. From a traumatic childhood in Ireland, the hero finds more than his share of trouble as he’s pushed from one bad situation to another.

This is a bit of a new direction for Joy Mutter insofar as it features her usual penchant for blood and guts but this time without the paranormal activity (as in The Hostile Game). Charting the disturbed life of Liam as he lands himself in ever-deeper trouble, this book pulls no punches, literally or otherwise. Graphic sex and violence are the order of the day as Ms Mutter details the downward-spiralling life of a man who doesn’t have much going for him in the nice-guy stakes.

As usual, there’s a touch of humour, though all in all, it’s a bit of a traumatic ride that shows what can happen when a child’s early life leads down a disturbing and ultimately murderous road.

Not for the faint-hearted.

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