‘Sycamore Gap’ by LJ Ross

Sycamore Gap
When the skeleton of a young woman is discovered hidden inside the Roman Wall at Sycamore Gap, DCI Ryan is forced to face up to his past. With links to a known criminal, Ryan must work out if this is a copycat murderer or a fledgling serial killer’s first victim. Juggling his burgeoning romance with Anna, Ryan finds himself making decisions he knows she won’t like. But with the possibility of links to Holy Island, there’s too much at stake to risk errors of judgement. As time runs out, Ryan knows the tiniest mistake could throw both of them into the path of a killer.

The follow up to ‘Holy Island’ is another cracking tale from Ms Ross that continues the story and the accompanying threats as her hero pits his wits against the evil Edwards. There are plenty of false leads to throw Ryan off the scent but equally, the plot keeps us on the edge, never knowing which way the action might turn.

Though this one doesn’t keep the pot at boiling point as much as the first book, it nevertheless has loads going for it. I’ve already bought the next book in the series, ‘Heavenfield’, so there’s no danger of Ryan taking a backseat on my bookshelves.

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