‘Kids who Kill: Eric Smith’ by Kathryn McMaster

Kids who Kill: Eric Smith

When a four-year-old boy is found dead, the small community of Savona is shocked and appalled. Clearly this vile deed could only have been committed by a vicious destroyer of lives, a psychopath, a paedophile. But when the killer is discovered, a bigger shock is in store – the murderer’s name is Eric Smith, and he’s only thirteen years old.

This is the second book in Kathryn McMaster’s series, ‘Kids Who Kill’ and concerns an appalling crime committed by a mere child. The author delves into court testimonies, witness statements, police reports and interviews to reveal how Eric Smith’s inability to control his anger led him to take a boy’s life. As always with Ms McMaster, this is an absorbing and shocking story that is deftly handled, exploring the effects of the murder on the community and the families involved.

The details of the murder may be upsetting for some readers, and while it’s not really possible to ‘enjoy’ a book like this, for lovers of true crime, it is nevertheless a fascinating and thought-provoking read.

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  2 comments for “‘Kids who Kill: Eric Smith’ by Kathryn McMaster

  1. 25/11/2018 at 7:54 AM

    I am going to read this, Colin. I have a horrible fascination with such crimes. Thanks for the review.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 25/11/2018 at 10:29 AM

      Fascination is fine, so long as it doesn’t become an obsession 😉


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