‘Games People Play’ by Owen Mullen

Games People Play

When a thirteen-month-old child is abducted from a beach in Scotland, private investigator Charlie Cameron gets a visit from the girl’s father. Believing he knows who may had taken his daughter, Mark Hamilton is desperate and urges Charlie to track her down. But is this a one-off abduction or part of something else? As the police discover a series of bodies, it looks as if a serial killer could be on the loose and if that’s true, Charlie has his own reasons for finding whoever is responsible.

This is the first in Owen Mullen’s PI Charlie Cameron series. A while ago I read the second book in this series (Old Friends and New Enemies) and I have to say ‘Games People Play’ is far superior. Maybe it’s that old nugget about the ‘difficult second book’ that’s the problem, but for reasons I can’t fathom, this one kept me gripped from the start. Mullen’s writing is clever and witty without trying to be, and the story was superbly plotted from start to finish. The depth and authenticity of his characters, particularly the Charlie/Kate scenario, is perfect and wonderfully written. By the end, I felt rather humbled at the sheer talent this man exudes.

An absolute cracker from the first page to the last.

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