‘Violent by Design’ by Paul Heatley

Violent by Design

Following a raid on a drug house, northern gangster Neil Doyle’s right-hand man Jimmy Finlay decides it’s better to sort things out himself rather than break the bad news to his boss. But the man he seeks isn’t going to roll over and lay down without a fight and Jimmy is pulled into a battle he can’t win. When Doyle realises his own crew can’t get on top of the situation, the short-tempered hardman brings in one of the firm’s old hands, Graeme Taylor, to sort things out. But Graeme isn’t the man he used to be…

‘Violent by Design’, as you might expect, is stuffed with violence and strong language from the start. Set in the seamier side of Newcastle, the dialogue is pure Geordie, reflecting the language of the city and its gritty nightlife. Being the third in Paul Heatley’s ‘Eye for and Eye’ series, this book pulls no punches, literally or otherwise, and tells a tale that makes the Kray twins and Mad Frankie Fraser look like amateurs. With murder and mayhem on the agenda, the sliver of familial glue that’s holding the Doyle family together is coming unstuck, and the resulting mess isn’t going to be pretty. Not for the faint-hearted.

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  3 comments for “‘Violent by Design’ by Paul Heatley

  1. 23/02/2019 at 6:00 PM

    This sounds a bit hectic for me, Colin, but I enjoyed your review.


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