‘The Healer’s Secret’ by Helen Pryke

The Healer’s Secret

She’s lost her job, is threatened with divorce and struggling to cope with her dependency on alcohol. What else can go wrong in Jennifer’s life? But thanks to her mother, the thirty-one-year-old is thrown a lifeline. Offered the opportunity to discover her Italian roots, she eventually agrees to move into her family’s ancient cottage in Tuscany. Uncovering the details surrounding a mysterious tragedy, Jennifer digs into her great-grandmother’s family history and finds her ancestors’ have more than their share of secrets.

This is the first book I’ve read by Helen Pryke, and it’s also the first one in her Innocenti Saga series. The Tuscan setting is beautifully portrayed, and I loved the sense we get of the crumbling old house and its rambling gardens. The emotional turmoil Jennifer battles with is well described and I liked the mix of characters and their various interactions, although I did find the romantic element a tad unrealistic. All in all, this is a thoughtful and touching novel that will please lovers of historical dramas and family sagas.

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  2 comments for “‘The Healer’s Secret’ by Helen Pryke

  1. 11/03/2019 at 3:59 AM

    This does sound lovely, Colin.


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