‘Black Sparrow’ by A.J. Griffiths-Jones

Black Sparrow

The fates of two very different people converge when a sinister twist brings them together. The young Muslim woman running from her traditional family and the city gent hoping to round off his career before a comfortable retirement, find themselves inextricably bound up in each other’s destinies.

The last book I read by Ms Griffiths-Jones was the fantastic ‘Prisoner 4374’ (the fascinating story of Dr Neill Cream). This one, however, is a very different affair. Written in the present tense, we get every character’s point of view as each one reveals his or her own story. Though it’s a bit of a slow start, the author gradually lets us see who has secrets, who has obsessions, and who has ulterior motives. A cleverly told story that keeps its twist until the last minute.

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  2 comments for “‘Black Sparrow’ by A.J. Griffiths-Jones

  1. 08/05/2019 at 7:02 PM

    An interesting idea for a book, Colin.


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