‘Gone Tomorrow’ by Lee Child

Gone Tomorrow

On a New York City subway, Jack Reacher ticks off a mental list. Of the five other passengers on the train, one of them isn’t what she seems. Suicide bombers are easy to spot and this one fits the bill to a tee, but she doesn’t react the way Reacher expects, and that’s only going to lead to trouble.

Gone Tomorrow is the 13th in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. Child’s earlier books (in my opinion) are more kick-ass and faster-paced than the later ones, and as expected, after an exciting start, the plot slows down a bit. Happily, Reacher gets into his stride and is soon taking out the bad guys with his usual panache. The plot is also quite thought-provoking and throws up some interesting questions about America’s military strategies. So although this one doesn’t have the clout or the page-turning excitement of some of the previous books, as with all the Reacher adventures, you get what you came for and in the end, the character is as entertaining as ever.

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