‘Predators’ by Michaelbrent Collings


Struggling to deal with an abusive relationship, Evie Childs hopes an African safari will make her life more bearable, but when the tour group she’s travelling with are kidnapped by freedom fighters, the experience she’d longed for turns into a terrifying ordeal. Threatened by guns and with no way of communicating their distress back to the camp, Evie and the others are forced into a life or death fight to survive. But even if they can overcome the bad guys, there’s still the others – the wild animals whose only interest is the constant search for food – any food, living or dead.

This is the first book I’ve read by Michaelbrent Collings, and as he has a pretty impressive bibliography, there’s plenty more to choose from. A heady mix of horror, thriller and suspense, this is rollercoaster ride that takes us into one of those disaster situations where the chances of survival are almost nil. Collings paints vivid and enticing portraits of his disparate group of characters, who all have their own issues to deal with as well as the one that throws them all together in this nightmare scenario. With the threat of death hovering over them, his heroes strive to win, even when survival seems impossible

The writing is tight and clever and builds tension and anticipation in equal turns, making this a thrilling and gripping read that’ll please anyone who loves adventure.

  5 comments for “‘Predators’ by Michaelbrent Collings

  1. 04/07/2019 at 6:24 PM

    This sounds interesting, Colin. Wild animals in AFrica can be very dangerous.


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