‘Beyond’ by Graham McNamee


Seventeen-year-old best friends Jane and Lexi aren’t typical teenagers. Known by their classmates as the Creep Sisters, they have a special ‘freakishness’ in common, but it’s Jane who has the upper hand on the truly weird – her shadow sometimes moves on its own, dragging her towards dangerous situations. Setting out to discover what this disturbing being wants from her, Jane begins to uncover a story that links her ghostly influencer to a serial killer.

Written in present tense, ‘Beyond’ is a witty and inventive story for Young Adults that grabbed my attention from the first page. An easy and engaging read, the writing appears almost simplistic, but is brilliantly crafted, moving the action on unceasingly, building tension gradually, but with an underlying creepiness that takes us towards what could well be a terrifying conclusion.

Although there’s no bad language as such, this is not a book that avoids confrontation, but while there are references to violence and abusive relationships, Graham McNamee leaves the detail to our imaginations. I really liked the characters, especially Jane, and thought the author had a good grasp of how a seventeen-year-old might feel in this situation.

A clever and imaginative book that’ll please anyone who loves Stephen King and Anthony Horowitz.

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  2 comments for “‘Beyond’ by Graham McNamee

  1. 09/07/2019 at 5:35 AM

    This sounds awesome, Colin.


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