‘The Knight’s Secret’ by Jeffrey Bardwell

The Knight’s Secret

When a retired hero dies shortly before a vital mission, his family are faced with a difficult decision – if it is discovered that Sir Corbin is dead, they will incur the wrath of their neighbours. Left with little choice, Kelsa, the old man’s granddaughter, decides to go in his place. Wearing his armour and with the help of a spell cast by her mother, she sets out to complete his last quest. But has she the wit and intelligence to outsmart Sir Corbin’s friends, as well as his enemies?

Book 1 of the Mage Conspiracy initially appeared to be a well-written and clever romantic fantasy with a slightly weird premise. However, while I really liked the author’s use of language, the setting never quite rang true for me and the story itself took a long time to go anywhere. I appreciate that I’m not a major fan of fantasy (so maybe didn’t like it as much as I could have), but the book just didn’t grab me enough to want to read ‘The Scion’s Delight’, the prequel to the series.

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  2 comments for “‘The Knight’s Secret’ by Jeffrey Bardwell

  1. 08/09/2019 at 6:49 PM

    I don’t think this one will appeal to me either, Colin. Thanks for the review.


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