‘Altered Life’ by Keith Dixon

Altered Life

Private Investigator Sam Dyke is offered a job that doesn’t really interest him, but when his prospective employer turns up dead, Sam is forced to reconsider. Faced with a workforce who don’t want him snooping around, an unexpected meeting with his ex-wife and a shady assailant who doesn’t care who gets in the way, the situation soon escalates into a very dangerous one for all concerned.

Though I’m familiar with Keith Dixon’s ‘Paul Storey’ books, I’m a bit behind with the Sam Dyke series – The Lonely Grave (book 9) being the only one I’ve read thus far. So it was great to discover how it all started for the perceptive sleuth. As always with Mr Dixon, there’s a generous helping of wit, knife-sharp dialogue and twisty-turny plotlines. Spotting the villains in this tale isn’t easy, and there’s plenty of suspicious goings-on to tax the hero’s sleuthing skills. The plot rattles along, shooting off in unexpected directions all the way through, leading to a cliff-top denouement that had me chomping at the proverbial bit.

Like Robbie Coltrane in a classic TV series, this is an absolute cracker.

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