‘Domain’ by James Herbert


Following a nuclear war, a handful of survivors struggle to stay alive away from the devastation and radioactive dust. In a government hideaway, helicopter pilot Culver and a disparate group of engineers, doctors and civil servants begin fighting among themselves as the pressure of being cooped up underground threatens to tear apart their unstable and quarrelsome community. But apart from the holocaust outside, there’s another threat that’s ready and waiting to take their turn in the role of dominant species…

In the third book of the Rats trilogy, the author brings back his rampant rodents to pick off what’s left of the human race in the aftermath of nuclear war. As with the other books, it’s a gory, bloody, flesh-ripping rampage as the giant rats realise the vulnerability of their prey. You might think Mister Herbert would’ve run out of ideas at this stage, but Domain is definitely the best book of the three. With its scenes of mutilation and carnage in the sewers of London, you might want to think twice about hanging around dark alleys without a strong torch and an M16 submachine gun to protect yourself.

Not a book to read in bed when the mice are scuttling round in the attic.

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  1. 10/10/2019 at 5:43 PM

    An excellent review, Colin.


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