‘The Clydach Murders’ by John Morris

The Clydach Murders

South Wales, 1999. Single mum Mandy Power, her mother and her two daughters are battered to death in the early hours of Sunday 27th June. Then, in a bid by the killer to destroy evidence, the house is set on fire. Unpopular builder David (Dai) Morris is tried twice for the murders and convicted in 2006, but author and solicitor John Morris, believes Dai is innocent. With no DNA evidence to connect him to the crime, it seems the wrong man is in jail.

This is a fascinating and utterly absorbing tale of an horrendous murder that, potentially, could have been solved soon after the crime was committed. John Morris reveals how South Wales Police covered up evidence that clearly pointed to the killer being from within their own ranks – one of whom was having a lesbian affair with Mandy Power. As well as ignoring important witness statements, the police withheld for more than a year a photo-fit image that perfectly matches two of their own officers (twin brothers). Along with a profusion of other evidence that suggests Dai Morris has been wrongly convicted, the author highlights how even Morris’s own solicitor helped put him behind bars through his own incompetence in representing a family likely to have been involved in the murders themselves.

A brilliantly crafted and unputdownable account that will leave you seething with anger at the sheer incompetence and corruption in South Wales Police force. A troubling and explosive book.

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  2 comments for “‘The Clydach Murders’ by John Morris

  1. 17/12/2019 at 6:06 AM

    This sounds like a great story, Colin. Pretty horrifying.


    • 17/12/2019 at 7:05 AM

      Yes, it’s scary to think such things can happen to innocent people.


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