‘No Mercy’ by Robert Crouch

No Mercy

Following the apparent suicide of a Highways Inspector, Environmental health Officer Kent Fisher wonders if everything is as clear-cut as it appears. When bolshy restaurateur Samson Capote is found dead in his own freezer, it seems too much of a coincidence, but the drowning of a millionaire points towards someone taking revenge. But who, and why?

Struggling with his own up-and-down love-life, Kent begins to speculate the killer may be closer to him than is comfortable, but like his faithful companion Columbo, is he barking up the wrong tree? Kent’s on-off relationship with the lovely Gemma and a budding friendship with a certain police inspector, doesn’t help matters either and placing himself in the firing line, may prove he’s bitten off too much this time. Can the smart sleuth solve the mystery and find the killer before the killer finds him?

No Mercy is book 5 in the Kent Fisher Mysteries, and as usual the author weaves a canny web of intrigue, sliding possible suspects in and out of the story with ease. At one point, the plot begins to get a little complicated, but then it suddenly all makes sense. I particularly enjoyed the Batmanesque ending with the killer threatening to commit a certain person to a dark and very smelly death.

Another cracker from a very talented author.

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  2 comments for “‘No Mercy’ by Robert Crouch

  1. 09/03/2020 at 5:31 PM

    I think my mother would really like this, Colin. Thanks for the review.

    Liked by 1 person

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