‘Calypso’ by David Sedaris










Writer and essayist David Sedaris first came to my attention on the BBC’s Radio 4 ‘Meet David Sedaris’ series a few years ago. Having found myself completely entranced and highly amused by his stories, I thought it was about time I got hold of one of his books.

In this volume, many of the tales centre around the beach house he bought on the Carolina coast, and the various family interactions that take place at the property. The prospect of getting older and the inevitability of death are very much at the forefront in this collection, and while the author’s knack of turning an ordinary story into an hilarious escapade is still very much in evidence, he also has the power to move the reader to tears.

I chuckled my way through this collection and had many genuine laugh-out-loud moments, so I can say with complete sincerity that this is the funniest book I’ve read in years. David Sedaris is an insightful writer with true comic genius. Buy his books today.

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