‘Spanish Rock’ by Lex Lander








In a bid to retire from his murderous day job, hitman Andre Warner plans to buy a bar in Spain. However, while in London, he’s invited to a posh party where he agrees to look up the wayward daughter of an American acquaintance. Back in Spain, he tracks the girl down in Malaga and lands in trouble with a mysterious general. But Andre soon finds himself caught between the general’s mistress and the man’s beautiful daughter—a situation which cannot fail to spell trouble. Meanwhile, the UK government are keen to enlist Warner’s help in an undercover operation to infiltrate GIBESTA—a group fighting for independence in Gibraltar…

This is Lex Lander’s fifth book in the ‘Andre Warner, Manhunter’ series. As with the others, there’s plenty of action, though the story is more of a slow burner than in previous books. As I had no clue about the political situation between Spain and Gibraltar (and Britain’s influence either way), the governmental shenanigans went a little over my head, however, the set-up is intriguing and the twisty-turny plot held my interest throughout. Other than a particularly gruesome torture scene (which might put some readers off), this is a jolly romp that shows a real development in the hero’s character.

A proper thriller that’ll keep Andre Warner fans thoroughly satisfied.

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  3 comments for “‘Spanish Rock’ by Lex Lander

  1. 29/04/2020 at 5:03 AM

    This sounds good, Colin. I never really read espionage books until recently and I am really enjoying them.


    • 29/04/2020 at 6:51 AM

      It’s a great series, Robbie, though an awful lot of people get shot along the way!


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