‘The Mile End Murder’ by Sinclair McKay

When wealthy and eccentric widow Mary Emsley is found dead at her home on 17th August 1860, the resulting murder inquiry grips the nation. Faced with several suspects, the police home in on two individuals, finally narrowing it down to one man – James Mullins. Convicted and hanged for the killing, the Mullins case left the public baying for justice, convinced the police had the wrong man. But if Mullins didn’t kill Mrs Emsley, who did?

Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about this case many years later but even he seemed unable to come up with a solution to the mystery. Charting the events leading to the murder and its aftermath, Sinclair McKay creates an absorbing and highly-detailed account, exploring every possible angle. Though occasionally lapsing into social history (which nevertheless helps create a complete picture of the times), the author also provides a solution to the murder.

Narrated by Lewis Hancock, this is an interesting and thought-provoking account of a murder that remains unsolved.

  2 comments for “‘The Mile End Murder’ by Sinclair McKay

  1. 21/05/2020 at 5:38 AM

    I really like the sound of this, Colin.


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