‘High Force’ by LJ Ross


(Audio Book)
Following the escape from prison of murderer Keir Edwards, one of DCI Ryan’s best detectives is missing. Kidnapped from her own home by the notorious serial killer, Ryan knows Edwards will flaunt his new-found freedom and won’t hesitate to slice up his most recent captive. With Detective Sergeant Frank Phillips at his wits end over the disappearance of his partner, Ryan’s team struggle for answers while striving to stay on top of the investigation. Can the canny copper keep the team together in the search for the missing detective, as well as dealing with the macabre results of the killer’s desire for revenge?

This is book 5 in the DCI Ryan series, and Ms Ross notches up the action very nicely. As well the development of characters such as Lowerson, and revealing more about Ryan’s background, the plot thrums along at a speedy pace, maintaining a high sense of anticipation from start to finish. The denouement was exciting and had me chomping at the bit to find out what would become of nasty Mr Edwards.

Though Ms Ross still has a tendency to pop in the occasional clichéd phrase here and there, her storytelling is faultless and continues to engage me five books in. Which is nice.

The audio book is superbly read by Jonathan Keeble.

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  2 comments for “‘High Force’ by LJ Ross

  1. 18/07/2020 at 6:01 PM

    It is great if a writer can captivate you for five books, Colin.


    • 19/07/2020 at 3:12 PM

      Indeed, I often find after three of four books, the author starts repeating themselves.


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