‘The Rock’ by Robert Daws



Detective Sergeant Tamara Sullivan finds herself exiled to Gibraltar as punishment for disobeying orders during a police operation. Together with her new boss DCI Gus Broderick, Sullivan investigates the suspicious death of a police constable, leading to the discovery of a dark and sinister secret.

This is the first adventure in the Sullivan and Broderick series and the first book I’ve read by actor/novelist Robert Daws. Having long been a fan of the man’s on-screen work (Roger Roger, Outside Edge, Poldark etc), I was keen to see how he fares as an author. ‘The Rock’ is a fairly short read and introduces the Sullivan/Broderick team in a (currently) three book series. The setting is lovely with some nice descriptions that make a change from the usual police procedural of moody cops trudging down the dark streets of London.

An easy read, this is a good introduction to the series, giving us a flavour of what to expect from the other books.

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