‘Trouble in Cornwall’ by Joy Mutter


Seconded to Cornwall to investigate the kidnapping of Jessie O’Sullivan’s son, DCI Cosgrove and his sex-addict liaison officer, Kate, get themselves into yet more bizarre situations. Book 3 in this powerful erotic thriller series follows on from ‘The Trouble with Liam’ and ‘The Trouble with Trouble’.

As with many of this author’s books, this is an unconventional crime thriller, with the emphasis on sex, rather than crime. As always, Ms Mutter manages once again to hit a new high in the shock and awe stakes. Focusing initially on new millionaire Jessie and her latest boyfriend—cynical con-man, Russell—the story moves to a kidnapping plot which demands the attentions of sex-loving cops Jeremy and Kate, but when Kate is abducted by a gang of lustful men, things begin to look decidedly dodgy.

As with much of Joy Mutter’s work, this is not a book for the feint hearted. Packed with graphic sexual shenanigans, the author holds nothing back as she throws her protagonists into a series of weird and outrageous scenarios, including a lustful butler, a pair of creepy ageing virgins and a sex-scheming detective.

‘Trouble in Cornwall’ overflows with a torrent of extreme and unrestrained saucy antics—you have been warned!

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  2 comments for “‘Trouble in Cornwall’ by Joy Mutter

  1. 08/08/2020 at 6:41 PM

    I think I am a bit to straight laced for this book, Colin, but I enjoyed your review.


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