‘The Sentinel’s Reign’ by Suzanne Rogerson

My Review (4 stars out of 5)


With Calissa initiated as the Sentinel, life on Kalaya is good for Tei and the exiles. But the villainous Rathnor has other ideas and Tei faces further challenges if she and her friends are to keep the peace and hold on to the magic. Rumours of a spy in their midst doesn’t help matters and Brogan comes under scrutiny as doubts are cast on his loyalty.

Expertly narrated once again by George Ellington, this is the second book in the Silent Sea Chronicles trilogy and follows on from the events last time. As with the first book, the author’s descriptive skills are on top form, creating vivid landscapes which work well as a backdrop for her characters. What I liked this time around was the way we get more of an insight into each of the characters (such as the curious dynamics in Tei’s developing romance), and though the plot is less action-packed than before, there’s enough to keep readers wondering what’s going to happen next. Generally, I’d say the book is more of a character-driven story than plot-driven – the plot itself didn’t always keep my attention but the strong emotions inherent in the characters really are the best part of Ms Rogerson’s writing.

Another enjoyable book that (for the most part) held my attention and I’m sure will thrill lovers of epic fantasy.

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