‘She’ll Never Tell’ by Maggie James

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

When her mother dies suddenly, Olivia Gilchrist’s world crumbles. But following the post-mortem, Olivia hears news that challenges everything she has known about herself and her mother. At first disbelieving, Olivia decides she must discover the truth and sets out to trace anyone who might be able to help. Strangely, Olivia’s downstairs neighbour Elena, who had previously been kind and supportive, suddenly vanishes, leaving Olivia to wonder if Elena might be mixed up in this mystery too.

I’ve read several books by Maggie James and have always looked forward to whatever she has to offer. In terms of psychological suspense this one gathers all the usual ingredients (lies, deceit, dark secrets etc), though the plot is a little different to the author’s previous books. As always, there are several layers to the mystery and plenty of twists and turns along the way. I like to think I can work out what the ending will be, but this time the final denouement took me my surprise, confirming Ms James as the queen of her craft.

Another cracking good read from this talented author.

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