‘The Girl in the Window’ by Jake Needham

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

Terrorist Abu Suparman leads the fighting for ISIS in Southeast Asia and is likely responsible for recent bombings in Singapore. When police are alerted that Suparman intends meeting his sister in Singapore before she undergoes cancer surgery, Inspector Samuel Tay is instructed to find him. But Tay’s task is hindered when Sam and his two sergeants find themselves twiddling their thumbs in a down-at-heel hotel room. Not content with staying put, Tay spots two possible suspects and the team set off in pursuit. But the trail ends in tragedy and Tay is left with a mystery on his hands. His only clue is the brief sighting of an apparently unconnected woman watching the scene from a window. Facing a complicated plot that may end in his being forcibly retired by the police force, Sam struggles to work out the truth.

This is the fifth Inspector Samuel Tay book I’ve read and the fourth in the series. As with all the others, it’s an entertaining tale with the hero fighting against his superiors to let him get on with his job. This time, however, the threat to push him into a desk job or early retirement, only spurs him on to disregard his boss and hunt down a killer. As always, Jake Needham’s writing is sharp and witty and with a plot that’s a bit more complicated than usual, he weaves an edge-of-the-seat adventure that forces his hero into what might well be the most dangerous case of his career.

A thoroughly absorbing and highly entertaining read.  

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  2 comments for “‘The Girl in the Window’ by Jake Needham

  1. 15/09/2021 at 7:16 AM

    This sounds intriguing, Colin


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