‘Nuru and His Crows’ by Joy Mutter

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

A dark erotic thriller drenched in magical realism. Former model Cara O’Grady and German film star Elke Klaus, meet a strange African fortune teller and his two pet crows deep in the Congo Basin. Both women soon find their lives spinning out of control as Nuru’s magic begins to work and their respective worlds begin to unravel. Sexually explicit material.

As a big fan of Joy Mutter’s style of writing, I’m well used to her black humour, penchant for gore and murder, and her liking for all things weird. But Nuru and His Crows is a little different. After the initial set-up, the story focuses mainly on Cara and how, following the death of her husband, her love-life is turned upside down. Packed with highly explicit sex scenes, the book definitely won’t appeal to everyone. Though the final few chapters were great, Stevie King’s advice (character driven stories are more interesting than plot driven), could’ve done with being ignored and the plot given a bit more of a kick into gear.

An interesting and enjoyable read but not for the faint-hearted, the shy, the retiring or the bashful. 😉

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