‘This Much is True’ by Miriam Margolyes

My Review (5 stars out of 5)


Known for memorable characters including Lady Whiteadder and Professor Sprout, roles in Little Dorrit and Oliver Twist, and a host of voice-overs for TV adverts, Miriam Margolyes is a national treasure. From her childhood in Oxford and posing naked for artist Augustus John to working with Martin Scorsese, Barbra Streisand and Leonardo di Caprio, Ms Margolyes reveals the highs and low of her life on and off screen.

Anyone who’s seen her on shows like Graham Norton will know what a brilliant and irrepressible storyteller Miriam Margolyes can be. Narrated by the author herself, this is an absorbing and fascinating account that takes in many of her famous roles as well as those she’s not so well known for, such as the thousands of TV adverts she voiced during the seventies and eighties. With her usual inveterate wit and style and a great deal of swearing, Miriam relates hundreds of anecdotes from her film and stage roles, some of which are so sides-splittingly hilarious that I had to stop the playback for several minutes to recover myself.

Hugely entertaining and utterly hilarious.

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  2 comments for “‘This Much is True’ by Miriam Margolyes

  1. 23/10/2021 at 4:39 PM

    I’m afraid I do not know this lady, Colin. She sounds like an interesting character.


    • 24/10/2021 at 11:10 AM

      This best known in the UK, Robbie, though she has worked a lot in America.


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