‘Tow Away Zone’ by Chris Towndrow

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When a travelling salesman finds a town that’s not on the map, he must choose between romance and a long-held promise of untold riches.

Beckman Spiers is a grey man in a grey world—and he’s happy with that.

After 12 years of routine and grind, he’s again fighting to become Number One Salesman of the Year. Legend has it, Number Ones get so rich, they never work again. With a week to go, Beckman is gaining on his nemesis, smooth-talking Tyler Quittle.

When a chance blowout on a deserted Arizona highway leaves Beckman stranded, the mysterious Saul arrives, and tows him to the strange neon-lit town of Sunrise. Here, he meets the glamorous Lolita Milan and his fortunes change.

Yet, Sunrise’s small-town charms conceal secrets, and his world becomes one of private investigators and backstabbing business deals.

What will he have to do to reach Number One? And what will he do if he wins the race?

In this comedic, stylistic, and mysterious story, meet the most unique characters and get pulled into the colourful world of Sunrise.

My Review (4 stars out of 5)

Keen to reach his target of number one salesman, Beckman Spiers is on the lookout for new customers. When a car breakdown leaves him stranded in the middle of nowhere, the sudden appearance of Saul and his tow truck looks like lady luck is smiling. Within minutes, Beckman and his vehicle are heading towards a nearby town. But the community of Sunrise is a bit different to what Beckman is used to – for a start, it isn’t on the map… 

This is an interesting little book written in a light-hearted fashion, with a slightly wacky sense of humour underlying the storyline. Although I initially enjoyed the story and its plethora of kooky characters (such as Lolita Milan) and the mysterious packages Beckman passes on to his customers, the narrative felt like it took a bit too long to get going. Under normal circumstances, I might have given up on the book halfway through, but I kept reading and while I certainly enjoyed it, I’m not sure I can say why. 

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Author Bio

I’ve been a multi-genre author since 1991.

My favourite work to date is 2019’s Tow Away Zone, a quirky American small-town romantic black comedy. It’s been well-received by readers, with 5* reviews on Amazon.

In 2020 I published the sequel – Go Away Zone. In 2021 I’m completing the trilogy.

My sci-fi journey started with space opera “Scared Ground” being available on Kindle in 2012.

In 2018 I published my 2nd sci-fi novel – Imperfect Isolation – which embraces robotics, asteroid mining and a snowy drive in an 80-year-old Porsche 911.

The sequel, Reprisals, followed in 2019. In early 2021 I released the 3rd instalment, Trip Hazard.

I’m currently editing a reflective Western. It explores prejudice against the deaf community and the Native Americans, as a man struggles to reconnect with his lost son and come to terms with his own failings.

I’ve written a collection of offbeat humorous stories and vignettes in the style of early Woody Allen prose. The Real Jamie Oliver and Other Stories is basically a window into my nonsensical side.

I also write pantomime & stage drama scripts. I’ve had 8 works performed and reached a total audience of over 5000 to date.

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  1. 23/01/2022 at 6:03 PM

    I don’t think this book is for me, Colin.


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