‘Night Watcher’ by Chris Longmuir

My Review (4 stars out of 5)

On the streets of Dundee, a woman is bent on revenge, while a psychotic killer seeks to satisfy the voice in his head. Two women are not what they seem and when one of them becomes convinced she’s being stalked, the police aren’t helpful. Unpopular Nicole wins no prizes in the popularity stakes, but when she meets Julie, it looks like she might have found a real friend. Trouble is, Julie has an ulterior motive – she wants payback from the woman she thinks stole her husband. Can DS Murphy sort out what’s true and what isn’t before the killer strikes? 

This is the first book I’ve read by Chris Longmuir and is the first in her Dundee Crime series. Part police-procedural, part crime thriller, her characters are interesting and well-written with a fair chunk of tension simmering throughout the story, keeping the reader on edge. Being set in Dundee, it was good to read about places I’m familiar with, as it gives the book another level of interest. Though at least one of the characters is utterly unpleasant (which can occasionally be off-putting) the book is an easy read and doesn’t expect too much from its audience.   

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